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Overview of Immigrant Visa Wait for US Embassy for Consular Processing

Consular process is better than adjustment of status if the immigrant visa wait for US embassy is low. You can find out more about how to schedule an appointment with the US Embassy nearest you on the State Department website.

Each city and country has its own immigrant visa wait for the US embassy. So, its important that you check what the immigrant visa for the US embassy is before you make the decision of seeking your green card through adjustment of status (from inside of the US) or consular processing (from abroad).

Procedure for Obtaining Your US Green Card in Your Country of Nationality

The consular processing procedure can be a long, frustrating, and difficult experience. There are many important choices to make in this confusing process of ultimately obtaining your green card. This site was created to give you the information you need to make the right decisions. However, the information in this site can in no way replace good legal advice from an immigration lawyer in the USA.

If you haven’t already done so, stop right now and read our homepage. It is full of surprising information that could save you a great deal of time and money. Once you have read through the homepage, come back here to find out more about consular processing and whether it is an option for you.

What to Expect During Consular Processing of your Green Card Application

consular processing Before deciding whether you attempt to obtain your green card through consular processing, you should do as indicated above and find out the immigrant visa wait for the US embassy nearest you. First view the US State Department website in which you may find specific requirements and information about the specific consulate to which you would be going. In the State Department website, you will be able to get a better idea of what the immigrant visa wait for your US embassy for an available interview would be.

During consular processing, the US immigration naturalization service (USCIS) forwards the approved immigrant petition to the National Visa Center (NVC), which is part of the State Department. When the immigrant visa wait at the US embassy shortens and an immigrant visa number becomes available, the NVC generates a collection of documents known as Packet 3.

The applicant must complete the forms in Packet 3 and return them to the appropriate consulate for processing in that individual’s country of nationality.

To obtain the immigrant visa or green card through consular process, wait for US embassy to contact you. While you wait, gather the following information:

  • a passport, birth certificates, police certificates, court and prison records (if relevant), military records (if relevant), and marriage and divorce certificates for each person immigrating.
  • After submitting all required information for your application of an immigrant visa, wait for US embassy to schedule an appointment. Upon receipt of the above documentation, the applicable forms, and notification that the applicant has obtained all necessary documentation, the applicable US embassy will issue what is known as Packet 4. (time for the visa interview appointment and information on obtaining the required medical examination for the processing of your green card.)

If the Green Card Application is Approved through Consular Processing… If the US consulate approves the petitioner's request for an immigrant visa, then wait for US embassy to contact you with an approval notice. You will then be issued an immigrant visa, which is good for only six months. If the person does not enter the US within that period of time, the visa will expire and the opportunity to immigrate and obtain a green card will be lost.

If the Green Card Application is Denied through Consular Processing…

If the application is denied, the principal consular officer at the post reviews it. If the officer desires, he can get a second opinion from the State Department. However, if, after this point, the denial is upheld, there is no recourse for the applicant. After going through the immigrant visa wait for the US embassy, the immigrant would have no chance to appeal the decision. Unlike those made by the USCIS during an adjustment of status interview and application, decisions made by consulate are NOT APPEALABLE. The only option the applicant has is to reapply with more supportive documentation for their case.

This may or may not be a likely possibility for your plans to enter the US depending on what the immigrant visa wait for the US embassy is expected to be. Some countries have longer immigrant visa waits for their US embassy. Some cities and towns even have long immigrant visa waits for the US embassy. Clearly, your choice to decide between adjustment of status and consular processing when obtaining a visa should lay on whether there is a long immigrant visa wait for the US embassy or not.

This is a chance you take. Consular Process is worth it if you have a good case and the immigrant visa wait for the US embassy nearest you is short.

If the immigrant visa wait for the US embassy in your country is long, you should attempt to obtain a green card directly. Assuming the immigrant visa wait for US embassy in your country is long, methods of obtaining a green card directly are through a relative petition or an employer petition. See our other sites to gain information on obtaining your green card through a relative or through employment .



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