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Changes in Immigration by US Government


Lots is happening with immigration. The US government has proposed one of these upcoming changes to be the Basic Pilot Program. This program is meant to simplify the method through which the employer may verify employment eligibility for its workforce.

“Part of a comprehensive immigration plan is to give employers the tools necessary to determine whether or not the workers they’re looking for are here legally in America. And we’ve got such a plan- Basic Pilot, its called. Its working.”

President George W. Bush, 7/5/06

Dunkin Donuts Stores have recently announced that they will require of its franchisees that they participate in the Basic Pilot Program which helps employers verify employment eligibility. The company voluntarily signed up for the program because of the difficulty employers face when trying to screen the work eligibility of new hires.

This program and proposed change to immigration by US government will be EXTREMELY helpful being that ICE is currently being VERY aggressive about enfocing sanctions and prosecuting employers who hire illegal aliens.

The Basic Pilot is a voluntary, online verification system that allows employers to confirm the eligibility of new hires by checking the personal information they provide against Federal databases.

Currently, the program is available nationwide.

President Bush has called on congress to make the Basic Pilot program mandatory and provide the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with the funding and authority to make sure it is an effective tool to prevent the hiring of illegal workers.

At this moment, the Basic Pilot is still optional and most employers do not participate.

However, you should be aware that funding for immigration enforcement and employer sanctions and prosecution has increased by 42% since the President took office.

Last year, the President signed a Bill doubling federal monies for worksite enforcement.

To help combat document fraud, President Bush has proposed the creation of a new identification card for every legal foreign worker.

President Bush also proposes to increase the penalties for employers who violate the law-and to make fines even larger for employers who are repeat offenders.

The Basic Pilot program is essential to the new comprehensive immigration reform; the upcoming change to immigration by US government.

The five objectives of the comprehensive immigration reform bill are:

  1. Securing US borders.
  2. Creating a temporary worker program.
  3. Making it easier for employers to verify employment eligibility and continuing to hold them accountable for the legal status of workers they hire.
  4. Dealing with the millions of illegal immigrants who are already here.
  5. Honoring the great American tradition of the melting pot.


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