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How to Protect Yourself from "Notarios" and Paralegals.

If you haven’t notice it yet, one of the key themes of the immigration test website is for you, as an immigrant to protect yourself and know your rights. Immigration law is complex and most immigrants do not understand the myriad of U.S. immigration forms, or the different laws that apply to them.

One of our primary missions is to give people enough information that they can know when someone is trying to take advantage of them. Whether you are looking for assistance with the immigration and naturalization service, American citizenship, or a USA work visa, there are people eager to steal your money.

The following report is reproduced from our Firm’s Immigration Legal Experts, Inc.'s website . We hope you find it useful. You can find more useful information there, including our Firm's homepage, which basically tells you what qualities to look for when hiring an immigration attorney.

It's a sad fact that people will prey on the most vulnerable members of society. Immigrants are often scared to report abuses because of their status or because they originate from countries with authoritarian governments. As a result, theft and fraud run rampant in immigration law.

This problem is especially prevalent for notaries, who take advantage of confusion surrounding their title. In Latin countries a "notario" is a highly educated person, often surpassing the training of lawyers in that country. In the United States, a notary doesn't even require a high school diploma. An internet search for the words "notary test" actually return an offer to "Become a Notary for $99"

According to AILA, "non-lawyers who advertise as legal 'consultants' or 'notarios' are not authorized or qualified to help with immigration matters.

By promising too much- and knowing too little- unauthorized consultants often shatter immigrants' dreams. Many are little better than scam artists, taking their clients' trust - and money - and never having to answer for the results. It is against the law for "public notaries or even foreign lawyers to provide immigration advice."

In 2004 the Texas Better Business Bureau issued a notice for immigrants to beware of notaries. This was after receiving complaints from over 100 clients whose documents were done wrong or had never been submitted. The problem is so widespread that in 2005, the wife of a Georgia State Senator was ordered deported. She was the victim of a notary posing as a lawyer. He filed for asylum without telling her! Just because you are an immigrant does NOT mean you have no rights! Have you been taken advantage of? Call us. We file suit against notaries and paralegals who take advantage of immigrants. We will fight for you! Take a look at our other website for 14 ways to protect yourself from fraud. The website is a free service we provide to the community.



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