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US Immigration Forms

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides US Immigration Forms for free on its website.

The USCIS forms are available for free on their site and are applicable for many purposes. Through these forms, you can apply for asylum, advanced parole, adjustment of status, citizenship, etc. There is a very long list to what benefits you can apply for through filing of the US immigration forms.

However, you must be aware that filling out the wrong immigration form or failing to file the one applicable to you can have serious and sometime fatal consequences on your immigration status. The most IMPORTANT thing to know is that seeking immigration benefits through immigration law does not just require merely filling out US immigration forms . These forms are just the method through which you apply for a specific immigration benefit. You must be informed of Immigration law by seeking guidance from an immigration lawyer first.

If you are not aware of the specific area of immigration law applicable to your specific case, none of the US immigration forms will be useful to you. You can end up filling out all of the forms and end up with no benefit at all. Aside from wasting your time filling out the US Immigration forms, you will also have lost a lot of money on the filing fees for each of the forms. At worse, you can inform the government that you are currently in the United States with no legal status and basically get yourself deported!

If you need help with your immigration status, you should contact an immigration lawyer right away. Immigration law is complex and constantly changing. You may be eligible for some protection you did not know existed or may not be eligible for a benefit you were sure you would be simply because a family member or friend was eligible. Every single case is different and what protected your friend or family member may or may not necessarily apply to you. Don’t be fooled by public notaries or paralegals promising they know the law and are able to help you. Read my webpage on the differences between an immigration lawyer and paralegals and public notaries so that you are protected.

Knowledge is power! BE INFORMED!




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