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Differences between E2 Investor Visa and E3 Investor Visa

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Differences Between E2 and E3 Investor Visas
Generally, E2 investor visa classification is for people who will work in jobs that require someone with either an advanced degree (for example, a master’s degree or Ph.D.) or its equivalent (i.e., a bachelor’s degree plus at least five years of “progressive” experience). E3 visa is for people whose jobs don’t require such education or expertise. Classification is determined not by what education and experience the person actually has, but by what education and experience is necessary for the person’s job as set forth in the labor certification.

Benefits of the Visas
Benefits of the E2 investor visa The E2 investor visa category was designed to give effect to trade and investment treaties between the U.S. and foreign nations providing reciprocal benefits to the nationals the nations signing the treaties; in this way, facilitating commercial interaction between the U.S. and treaty countries.It allows investors making a substantial investment in the U.S. (see below definition of "substantial" for investment purposes); or business owners, managers, and employees of an enterprise conducting trade between the U.S. and a treaty nation, who need to remain in the U.S. for extended periods of time to supervise work performed in the U.S., to be able to live and work lawfully.

There is currently a premium processing option, which for an additional $1,000 in filing fees, the US Immigration Naturalization Service will commit to process the application within 15 calendar days from receipt of the application.

Benefits for Family Members of Visa Applicants

Benefits to Family Members of an E2 investor visa applicant
The spouse and unmarried children under 21 of an E1 or E2 investment visa aliens qualify for the same status as the principal E2 investor visa holder, and their nationality is not relevant to their qualification. They can live and study in the U.S. without any additional permits. In addition, the spouse of the E2 investor visa holder may obtain authorization, but not a visa to work in USA.

Alternatively, if you do not qualify for a work visa, you may enter the US through a visitor visa.

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