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Application Process for US visa to work in the US (similar to process for an E2 Investor Visa)

The process of application for an US visa to work in this country or an E2 investor visa involves three stages.

The three stages are as follows:

1st Stage

Preparation of Documentation including: Organization of business (if required) Business Plan preparation or adaptation for visa purposes Preparation of supporting documentation

2nd Stage

Preparation and filing of the visa application-I-129 and I-129 E supplements

3rd Stage

The US Immigration Naturalization Service approval of a visa application or receipt of notice requesting additional documentation or evidence to support application. (Adjudication of visa is approximately 120 to 150 days from filing of application with the US Immigration Naturalization Service, depending on the center's caseload)

To date, the applicable fees are those for the I-129, plus $1,000 if requesting premium processing of the E1 or E2 investor visa applications.

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