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Importance of learning from US immigration attorneys about sanctions against employers.

In current times, any wise business owner has the phone number of any of the US immigration attorneys specializing in employment immigration in his or her speed-dial.

Immigration laws are constantly changing and are currently being enforced against employers more than ever in the history of the United States. This is why it is imperative you inform yourself and protect yourself and your business by contacting a US immigration attorneys specializing in employment immigration.
US immigration attorneys specializing in employment immigration are able to guide the employer or business owner through the complexities of immigration law and any update applicable. US immigration attorneys specializing in employment immigration are also able to review employers' I-9s to ascertain compliance with immigration law, may defend the business owner against the Social Security Administration upon receipt of no-match letter.

Ultimately, US immigration attorneys are essential because the in-house counsel is simply just not a specialist in immigration law. Aside from that, there exists a definite conflict of interest forbidding the representation of both the employer and the potential employee.

Clearly,, US immigration attorneys are essential to simply ascetain that your business is able to retainthe brightest of the brightest and not be prevented from doing so because the potential employee happens to be from abroad.

The Bush Administration’s Worksite Enforcement Efforts:

  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has adopted an aggressive approach toward cracking down on employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens.

It’s incredibly important to be informed that ICE has replaced the old system of administrative hearings and fines with a MUCH TOUGHER combination of criminal prosecutions and asset forfeitures. As such, you should seek legal advice from an immigration attorney and should be familiar with DHS's proposed "No-Match" Regulation and the Basic Pilot Program.

  • ICE is conducting far more criminal investigations than the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), which tended to rely on administrative fines as a sanction.
  • Arrests for criminal violations have increased significantly.

The criminal arrests have increased from 24 in 1999, to 160 in 2004, to 176 in 2005, and to a record of 382 so far this fiscal year! The number of indictments and criminal convictions has also increased.


  • In April of 2006, ICE carried out the LARGEST single worksite enforcement action ever taken against an employer.
  • In late June of 2006, ICE arrested 22 illegal alien workers from an engineering company that provides contract services to Camp Pendleton US Marine Corps Base.
  • Since May of 2002, an ICE Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force Initiative targeting the Washington, DC area, Operation Card Shark, has shut down seven fraudulent document “mills.” ICE seized from this “mill” approximately 10,000 documents with an estimated value of over $1 million, arrested 195 aliens, and prosecuted criminal charges on 60 individuals.
  • From October 2005 through March 2006, ICE arrested more than 2,100 unlawfully employed illegal aliens as a result of worksite enforcement investigations.
  • ICE also seized MILLIONS of dollars in CASH and ASSETS from employers.
  • Last year, Federal agents completed Operation Rollback, which resulted in the largest worksite enforcement penalty in US history.
  • Operation Rollback also resulted in the arrest of hundreds of illegal immigrants and criminal convictions against a dozen employers.

    The settlement and forfeiture resulting from Operation Rollback was in the amount of $15 MILLION dollars- -an amount greater than the combined sum of all administrative fines from the previous eight years.



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